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2017 Indonesia Inequality Report by INFID and OXFAM

“The four richest men in Indonesia now have more wealth than the poorest 100 million people. Inequality is slowing down poverty reduction, dampening economic growth and threatening social cohesion,” indicates the report published in February, 2017 by OXFAM and the IFP member INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development).

The report provides valuable insights on the current situation of poverty in Indonesia and the consequences of the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the South-East Asian country. It also concludes that reducing inequalities is one of the most important steps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, the report highlights the main issues that contribute to this gap such as the weak taxation system, gender inequalities and violence against women, biased public choices, unfair employment conditions, the concentration of land ownership, and lack of infrastructure to connect rural and urban areas. In this context, INFID and OXFAM present a list of recommendations to reduce these gaps by taking specific actions to tackle the main problems.

The fight against inequalities has always been at the core of the IFP’s and its members’ mission. It is one of our main demands for an effective implementation of the SDGs in order to achieve a fair, inclusive and sustainable development for all.
On this, the report says that the reduction of the gap between the rich and the poor must become a priority for the Indonesian government in 2017. INFID and OXFAM conclude by stating that: “Taking action now is the only way to ensure a prosperous future for Indonesia.”

For further details, see the report: (available only in English)