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About Us

The International Forum of NGO Platforms (IFP) brings together 55 national NGO platforms from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Oceania and seven regional coalitions, which together account for more than 21,000 organizations. It was founded at an international conference in Paris in 2008, with the conviction of broadening the space to participate in global debates to defend our vision of a supportive world where human rights are respected, the most vulnerable populations have a voice and inequalities and injustice are fought. This prompted the decision by the national platforms from the five continents to start a cooperative work and joint advocacy.

Internal Governance

Council members elected in March 2012:


  • CONGAD, Senegal
  • LUNGOS, Seychelles
Latin America:
  • ABONG, Brazil
  • ACCION, Chile
  • CONGCOOP, Guatemala
North America:
  • INTERACTION, United States
  • VANI, India
  • INFID, Indonesia
  • NGO Federation of Nepal, Nepal
  • BOND, United Kingdom
  • PIANGO, Pacific Islands

The IFP Secretariat is hosted by Coordination SUD, the French national NGO platform. In 2011, a  process of Secretariat decentralization was initiated. The first step was to transfer the communications area to the Chilean (ACCIÓN) and Brazilian (ABONG) national Platforms.

In February 2011, the IFP has been endowed with a Charter of values, Statutes and, in October,  Rules & Regulations.

In this consolidated formal framework, regional coalitions of national NGO platforms play a major role in facilitating and supporting their members’ participation in IFP governance and initiatives.

Charter of values of the International Forum of national NGO platforms

Statutes of the International Forum of national NGO platforms (IFP)

Annual Report 2011

See our history:

2003: a cooperation program was initiated between the French NPF Coordination SUD and its Brazilian counterpart, ABONG. This Franco-Brazilian program was later extended to three other partners, the Indian (VANI), Chilean (ACCIÓN) and Senegalese (CONGAD) platforms. This process culminated in 2008 with the creation of the IFP.

October 2008: representatives of NPFs from 82 countries met in Paris to consolidate the foundations of the International Forum of National NGO Platforms.

February 2011: the first IFP General Assembly gathered over 50 NPFs and regional coalitions.

2009 – 11:  several meetings of the Facilitation Group (IFP’s executive body), contributed to structuring and strengthening the IFP (2009: Washington, D.C.; 2010: Madrid and Istanbul; 2011: Mexico City and Paris).

2012 – 13: a Council of 15 elected members (see list above) replaced the Facilitation Group and held meetings in Rio de Janeiro, New Delhi and Brussels. The IFP Council gives strategic guidelines, focuses on network strengthening and on international advocacy.

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