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About Us

The International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP) brings together 64 national platforms from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania and 6 regional coalitions, which together account for more than 22,000 organizations. The IFP was founded at an international conference in Paris in 2008. The members of our global network work together through a shared vision and common values: the defense of human rights, the inclusion of the most vulnerable populations, the fight against inequalities and injustice, as well as the eradication of poverty and sustainable development. National platforms from the five continents have endorsed joint advocacy positions and promoted non-governmental diplomacy initiatives to effectively broaden CSOs space in the international arena and influence local and global debates, promoting our vision of a fair and sustainable world.

The IFP held its second General Assembly in March 2015, in Tunis. During the meeting, the GA ratified the vote for the new Council, elected for a three-year term, voted for the decentralization of the IFP Secretariat and the adoption of an independent legal status for the IFP, which is currently hosted by Coordination SUD, the French National NGOs Platform.

Second General Assembly in Tunis, March 2015.

Internal Governance

Council members elected in March 2015 until 2018:

• CONGAD, Senegal.
• MACOSS, Mauritius.

Latin America:
• ABONG, Brazil.
• ACCION, Chile.
• CONGCOOP, Guatemala.

North America:
• INTERACTION, United States.

• KCOC, South Korea.
• VANI, India.
• NFN, Nepal.

• BOND, United Kingdom.
• KEHYS, Finland.

• PIANGO, Pacific Islands.

In 2011, a decentralization process of the Secretariat and its activities was initiated. The first step was to transfer the communications area to the Chilean (ACCIÓN) and Brazilian (ABONG) National Platforms.In February 2011, the IFP has been endowed with a Charter of values, Statutes and, in October, Rules & Regulations.

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