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CONCORD EU Delegations Report 2017 “Towards a more effective partnership with civil society?”

Did you ever wonder how does an effective partnership between the European Union Delegations (EUD) and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) look like? Which impact do the EU roadmaps have on the EU-Civil Society dialogue at country level? Do the EU funding modalities and instruments fit the needs of all CSO whatever their size and role?

CONCORD, the European Confederation of development NGOs and IFP associated member, answers those questions in their European Union Delegations Report 2017.

The report assesses the EUD-CSO relations and provides recommendations to improve them. According to CONCORD, the objective of the report is to analyze, from a CSO perspective, how the EUDs support an enabling environment for civil society at country level and promote their participation in policy making and development. The report is also used as an advocacy tool to strengthen and to develop efficient partnership agreements.

The report is based on a broad survey with answers from all over the world and is enriched with five country examples: Cambodia, Honduras, Kenya, Mali, and Tunisia. The report is presented in an interactive way and is available in English, Spanish and French. CONCORD created a dedicated web page where users can browse and search information about the main findings of the report, examples of good practices, lessons learned, recommendations to the EU and CSO, interactive maps, and more!

To get more information have a look at the webpage: