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Young people from 17 countries gathered in Malta to reflect on the future of the world

The Maltese archipelago of Gozo is where young from Malta and other Mediterranean countries gathered last April to reflect together on a better, more just and sustainable future.

Organized by SKOP, the National Platform of NGOs in Malta, this meeting proved to be a good opportunity to discuss the main issues of sustainable development. Topics such as migration and climate change were at the heart of the debate.

To this end, Agenda 2030, the plan of action developed by the United Nations and in which FIP has invested heavily, is a reference document.
Young people from Malta and other parts of the Mediterranean recalled that sustainable development is everyone’s concern.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) no longer confined to the political sphere or the NGOs, but is an issue that must be seized by the Civil Society. Meetings such as the one held in Malta provide an opportunity for young people to prepare themselves to lead and face the challenges of tomorrow. Encouraging this leadership must be one of the priorities of the International Community.

Fighting for a more just world, for an economy respectful of the rights of individuals, fighting for an effective participation of all the Civil Society, in its diversity, must challenge us individually. Acting at all levels and using all available means is paramount in a world where all the individual actions have an overall impact concerning all of us. Crucial challenge, but offering great opportunities.