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JOINT published a report concerning how NGOs can raise governance standards

This document, made by our member JOINT in Mozambique, responds to the need to create an instrument through which to respond to the challenges faced by civil society organizations. An indispensable tool that seeks to raise the standards of governance and management of CSOs as well as their credibility vis-à-vis beneficiaries, partners, State and society in general. To read the document in Portuguese, please click here

Main members of civil society coming together to resolve problems of transparency

“Rendir Cuentas” is a Latin American organization founded in 2010 and made up of 25 international institutions, including IFP members such as the NGO Platform of Colombia (CCONG) and IFP partners such as CIVICUS. The organization is a space for exchange of information and mutual learning in order to establish systematic practices of self-regulation. To learn more about its activities and the tools that this organization provides on various topics, do not hesitate to have a look at their website!