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Migration: Mapping of stakeholders

The French NGO Platform, IFP member, Coordination SUD, is organizing an initiative called “Migration: mapping of stakeholders.” Coordination SUD is seeking to develop a mapping of non-governmental stakeholders and their actions in the field of migration, at their national level as well as at the European and international levels via Concord and IFP’s members.

The purpose of this exercise is to gain a better understanding of this field, that would be widely useful and may help to imagine possible synergies between identified organisations. One important step of the initiative is the survey: Mapping of stakeholders in the field of migration. Therefore, Coordination SUD warmly invites you to fill in the survey before June 16th; it is not a long excercise and it  will be extremely helpful for the network considering the current global stakes on migration.

This survey aims at gathering all the information necessary to draw up a report that will be released in 2017.

If you are a national NGO platform, the French Platform would appreciate if you could circulate this survey in your network, among your members.

Please do not hesitate to contact Marie Chausse for any question you may have on this initiative:

Link to the survey: