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Mission Inclusion, new publication of the Barefoot Guide Connection: stories and experiences for a world without exclusion

Everyone agrees that inclusion is hard, that reaching the poorest and most marginalised is difficult. The layers and reinforcing cycles of exclusion defy the conventional development project approach. Something else, something qualitatively different is needed.

Many organisations, large and small, are tackling the deep challenges of exclusion and coming up with creative, innovative and workable solutions that are putting into practice inclusive policies and stratégies.

As such, the Barefoot Connection has just published its latest Guide. By collecting several innovative proposals from different civil society organizations fighting exclusion, this tool is an inspiring and relevant testimony for our members.

Through stories that take place around the world, you can compare the methods of other organizations to combat the various issues related to exclusion, which you may also encounter in your national contexts.

This guide consists of 5 chapters proposing solutions to fight exclusion:

Chapter 1 – Release the Power – Creating a movement to end exclusion
Chapter 2 – Rewire the System – Changing the rules for inclusion
Chapter 3 – Heal the Wings and Learn to Fly – Improving social accountability for better access to services
Chapter 4 – Walk the Talk – Striving for inclusive organisations
Chapter 5 – Walking Alongside – Supporting people to dare to change

Coming soon in several languages, you will be able to download for FREE the complete Guide or the chapters that interest you HERE.

The IFP is convinced that sharing innovative tools, such as this guide, is an approach to building together a stronger and more effective civil society and a more inclusive world where no one is left behind.

More information: This Barefoot Guide, written by 34 practitioners from 16 different countries on all continents makes many of these successful approaches and solutions visible. The five chapters, filled with real stories, insights, grounded theories, ideas, poetry are all beautifully illustrated by 7 illustrators from around the world.

We publish one of the specific versions of this guide for dyslexic readers.

Over the next 6 to 9 months, in partnership with Translators Without Borders, we will be publishing translations in French, Swahili, Spanish, Arabic and Viet.

In addition, we will release audio versions in Arabic, Swahili and Hausa.