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Checklist – Is your NGO ready to monitor and implement the SDGs?

This checklist is aimed at NGOs who are engaging with the monitoring and implementation of the SDGs.

Its purpose is to try to help NGOs to be more effective through being more systematic in the way that they approach areas such as capacity development, cross-sectoral collaboration, public awareness raising, engaging with governments and many others.

Civil society is one of the key stakeholders that will form part of this “multi- stakeholder” approach to SDG implementation. Many CSOs are struggling to know how best they can engage with this new agenda, and influence their government’s implementation. The purpose of this checklist is to try to guide CSOs in how to approach this task. The checklist aims to be useful to any civil society organisation interested in engaging with the SDGs. CSOs are very diverse in terms of their capacities, skills, needs and access to resources.

This checklist tries to cover a lot of issues, so that it will be useful to as many CSOs as possible. Please feel free to skip certain sections of the checklist if you feel that your organisation is already fully engaged with the issue.

This checklist is composed of ten different sections:
1. Capacity development of civil society
2. Engaging in cross-sectoral collaboration, networks and partnerships
3. Engaging with multiple stakeholders for SDG monitoring and implementation
4. Public outreach and awareness-raising about SDGs
5. Consultation by governments with civil society on SDGs
6. Reviewing national legislative and policy frameworks
7. Developing national implementation plans & national level indicators
8. Strategic co-ordination by government on SDG implementation
9. Parliamentary engagement and scrutiny of SDG implementation
10. National Voluntary Reporting (NVR) process

Download the toolkit HERE : checklist-is-your-ngo-ready-to-monitor-and-implement-sdgs