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Everything you need to know about the VNR process!

Like many other civil society organisations, you probably intend to participate in your country’s annual Voluntary National Reporting (VNR) process.

However, you would like to know more about the VNR process and how it should operate in your country.

The purpose of this IFP Briefing Document: “Everything you need to know about the VNR process” is to provide a useful introduction to, and links for VNR-related resource materials.
The Briefing Document also aims to share with you the experiences of CSOs in other countries who have engaged with their government’s VNR process, and to help you to identify best practice.

P3 Introduction
P3 What is the Voluntary National
Reporting Process?
P4 Engagement of countries in the
Voluntary National Reviews
P4 Resources produced by civil society
for engaging in the VNR process
P5 Other useful VNR resources

Download the Toolkit HERE : everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-vnr-process