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Enabling Environment for NGOs

PFN in charge: VANI

Enabling Environment for NGOs

Voluntary organizations in almost all over the world are experiencing the restriction in their operating space.  The nature and scope of such shrinking enabling environment also depends on the stage of the country’s socio-economic development and democratization of the society.  These restrictions are either in the form of formulation of new regulatory regimes or arbitrary implementation of existing laws at grass roots level. The other manifestation is also decline of the financial resources available to the sector. Many research reports have highlighted these facts.  The sector is feeling the denial of freedom to associate and raise the cause of the marginalized and deprived groups. Such restrictions have also curtailed the scope to innovations for which the sector is known for. Being a national platform, these challenges are encountered and faced in every country by members of IFP.  The key ask of NGOs prepared after more than 70 national and regional consultations by Open Forum also highlight this as an important area of intervention. In various IFP meetings this issue has been raised, and need is expressed to develop enabling environment as one of the areas of Non-Governmental Diplomacy theme. Although various networks and institutions are engaged in developing material and strategies for in-country interventions, there is need to link these efforts and develop a global solidarity campaign for action and protection.


  • To build on the knowledge and experiences of national platforms and other institutions for ensuring enabling environment for Voluntary Organizations;
  • To link various national platforms on the issue and develop a ring of mutual support;
  • Develop and share the global picture of the challenges faced by national platforms and contribute in developing regional/ global strategies;
  • To initiate the campaign to support national platform if victimized by the individual government, through joint petitions, technical input and solidarity messages.