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Together 2030 & Be the change

Tracking the progress of SDG’s!

Set up in December 2015, Together 2030 is a self-organized civil society initiative aiming to reduce the huge disparities within the capacities of civil society organizations all over the world. With members in different parts of the world as Latin America, Asia or Africa, Together 2030 commits itself to ensure the transformation of the Agenda 2030 principles into action! To know more in detail this global initiative, please click here! Besides, if you want to know Together 2030 position about SDG’s you can read its last open letter addressed to the international community here.

Repositioning the UN development system to deliver on the 2030 Agenda

The UN Secretary-General has issued a report with several proposals on how to reposition the UN development system to deliver on the 2030 Agenda. Acknowledging Agenda 2030 is “our boldest agenda for humanity “, the report aims to rethink the current functions and existing capacities of the UN development system. If you want to read the entire report published by the UN, please click here.