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Walking And Counting through 10 of 12, 2017

Ten Months in the year 2017, our journey as a Civil Society Organisation in advocating for accountability, good governance, social justice, equality and quality service delivery has not been an easy one considering the current political culture and shrinking civil society enabling environment.

We stand today at the threshold of significant opportunity – to realise our quest to end extreme poverty and put our nation on a sustainable path. Government has already launched the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) with five main pillars namely (a) Economic Diversification (b) Reducing Poverty and Vulnerability (c) Reducing Development Inequalities (d) Enhancing Human Development and (e) Creating Conducive Governance Environment. These are good development pillars that we have committed ourselves to as a nation but this will require leadership that is selfless and committed to deliver; otherwise the 7NDP will join other good documents that have remained as promissory notes issued on an empty bank account.

There is need therefore to broadly reach a consensus that a business-as-usual approach is neither desirable nor feasible especially when it comes to Advocating for an Accountable Leadership and ending Poverty and Inequality.To read the press release, please click here.